Version Up Changes
Version Up Changes
What's New?
Code Visualizer(CodeDrawer) Version Up Changes
5.1 version

Support Windows 10.
Fixed flow view issue on Visio 2013 and 2016.
Fixed and updated miscellaneous.

5.07 version

Support multiple image formats when exporting view to image file.
Added progress dialogs on file listing.
Fixed and updated miscellaneous.

5.06 version

Support Windows 8.
Code signed from the parent company.
Fixed and updated miscellaneous.

5.05 version

Increase accuracy of Sequence and Multi-Sequence View.
Support Visual Studio 2012 project file.
Added auto. update checker.
( Default option is disabled for security. )
( You can find on the menu. (Help -> Updates) )

5.0 version

Fixed wrong display when nested switch statement and if statement in Flow View.
Upgraded Flow 3D View to version 2.0.
Improved new project wizard.
Improved folder select dialog.
Fixed and updated miscellaneous.

4.7 version

Add an option to analysis general include file as local include file.
( Menu -> Option -> Miscellaneous Option )

Improved analysis results for unidentified class.
Fixed double "#pragma once" issue.
Fixed scroll size option and focus issue in the views.
Fixed and updated miscellaneous.

4.6 version

Replaced background license checking to one time license activation.
Modified the license system from time based license system to version based license system.
( Existing customers are also applied new version based license system,
If there is an over update within your license period, the old key will works or you will be get a new license key.
Any changed license policy will be advantage to customers.
Existing customers also use the product without time limit. )
Fixed crashes for some kind of documents.
Fixed and updated miscellaneous.

4.57 version

Support an empty statement and uncompleted statements. ( for(;;), while(), if() )
Fixed and updated miscellaneous.

4.55 version

Replaced nameless class, struct union, enum and namespace with typedef name.
Added options for mouse wheel speed.
( The new options added on Misc. option dialog. )
Fixed and updated miscellaneous.

4.5 version

Added advanced folder selection dialog.
Modified some features for Visual Studio 2010.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

4.45 version

Support Visual Studio 2010 project file.
Improved folder dialog.
Fixed crashes on some source files.

4.4 version

Export Relation View to Visio 2003 and 2007.
Fixed Relation View for some cases.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

4.3 version

Added batch process for flow view export function.
Fixed flow view export function for non English source code.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

4.27 version

Export Flow View to Visio 2003 and 2007.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

4.12 version

Fixed start-up crash on some systems when user disabed recent files.

4.1 version

Improved UI with new interface.
Fixed crush issues.
Improved source code indication.
Added source-header exchange view on Info-view.
Improved shape of diagrams.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

3.95 version

Fully rebuilded by Visual Studio 2008 SP1.
Fixed crash issues on some cases.
Improved some functions.
Fixed icon problems on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

3.92 version

Fixed bugs related interface.
Fixed mouse event on NSD-View.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

3.87 version

Added class complexity to Macro-view.
Upgraded Flow-view and NSD-view.
Added more colors to color box.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

3.82 version

Fixed register error on Windows Vista x64.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

3.81 version

Adopted new UI.
Support Visual Studio 2008 project file.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

3.58 version

Info View and Code View merged into a single view.
Added code indication on NSD View.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

3.55 version

Rebuild by Visual Studio 2005.
Restore the function that print preview.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

3.51 version

Upgraded engine for analysis bit-field.
Fixed and Enhanced UI issues.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

3.49 version

Display related class to upper on Macro View when click a file on Project View.
Added interaction for Code View to Sequence View and Multi-Sequence View.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

3.44 version

Improved processing of return statement on Flow View.
Fixed bugs on Info View.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

3.41 version

Fixed and improved the Flow View.
Added interaction for Code View to Flow View and NSD View.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

3.38 version

Added resize function of diagram on Flow View.
(click a diagram to enlarge.)

Improved code indication on Relation View.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

3.3 version

Improved grouping on Relation-view.

3.1 version

Fixed bugs related the NSD-view.
Improved visualization on NSD-view.
Fixed bugs on FileMap function.

3.05 version

Improved NSD condition diagram by a customer's suggestion.
Added File Map function on Project-view.
Modified start-up related order.

3.01 version

Fixed registree error on Windows Vista.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

3.0 version

Patched some features for Windows Vista.
Fixed and Upgraded relative view.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

2.x version

Added functions to Relation-view.
Updated progress dialogs.
Fixed bugs that related Relation-view.
Updated progress dialogs.
Added whole class relations on Relation-view.
Fixed a bug that related Relation-view.
Added controls on 3D Flow-view.
Rebuilded some dialogs for stability.
Fixed memory leaks and NULL pointers.
Rebuilded the 3D engine.
Fixed save and load related problems.
Fixed crash bug about null defines.
Increased recognitions about MS-style class.
Appended null define feature and fixed missing defines problem.
Fixed focus problems about floating views.
Extended view button on Project view.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
Fixed start-up crash bug.
Fixed bugs related the new interface. Fixed non-english broken problem on Info-view.
Adopted Interface for Version 3.
Full recompiled with a new compiler.
Upgraded statistics on Project-view.
Updated analysis engine.
Improved 4x-ratio visual on NSD-view.
Added function's complexity option on Macro-view.
Added unknown method checkbox on Sequence-view.
Upgraded system information dialog UI.
Added (un)check all function on list-header in Project view.
Added a parameter option for external editor on Code view.
Added "Auto Details" font option on Flow view.
Added option of project custom folder.
Added visual C++ import option on new project wizard.
Added a toolbar on Info view.
Fixed analysis engine infinity loop problem when engine meet specific statement.
Fixed custom include folder related bugs.
Fixed "include folder option dialog" remove-button crash.
Improved 3D Flow view.
Fixed window resize problem.
Added windows reset button on the toolbar.
Added 3D Flow view.
Adjusted mouse click on a class.
Upgraded Macro-view visual engine.
Fixed bugs about visual options.
Added visual option for Code view.
Upgraded Project Statistics on Project view.
Added Project Statistics on Project view.
Added NSD ratio (1x/4x/16x).
Added print zoom.
Product CodeDrawer renamed to Code Visualizer.
Adopted new designed UI.
Added image save function.

1.x version

Seperated directory option into Visual C++ and user custom.
Fixed engine crash bug.
Improved analysis progress screen.
Fixed absolute path bug in menu "Directory".
Fixed incomplete statement crash bug.
Added NSD(Nassi-Shneiderman Diagrams)-view.
Fixed "inner do-while statements" wrong display in flow-view.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
Added selection in print view.
Fixed help launch failing.
Fixed Flow-view display wrong arrow word.
Fixed some message missing.
CodeDrawer Deutsch released.
Fxied multi-variable analysis bug.
Enhanced UI.
Added parsing result save and load.
Added sequence-view visual option.
Enhanced info-view display colorful.
Added Multi-sequence-view.
Added flow-view visual option.
Added Sequence-view.
Adopted a new core-analysis engine.
Enhanced the visual drawing engine.
Fxied class-view selection bug.
Fixed include directories relate bug.
Fixed "Clear All and Redraw" on menu.
Added new project wizard.
Improved information dialog.
Drawing objects move freely.
Added Relation-view.
Engine improved.
Enabled appending c++ files by selecting folder
Added drag and drop support.
Code-view works more quickly.
Added visual shading option.
Added macro-view fixed size arrangement option.
Added roll/unroll option in Class, Struct, Union, Namespace.
Fixed info-view display bug.
Added sort by name option on macro-view.
Fixed DSP file open bug.
Fixed wrong file selection in info dialog.
Detail-flow-view can also see class, struct, union.
Added macro-view visual option.
Added more options. (Macro-view sort type, code-view font selection.)
Fixed wrong selection in include directory selection dialog.

ActiveDrawer Version Up Changes
3.51 version

Fixed no license information for about dialog.

3.5 version

Separated the core analysis dll into a separated application.
  + ActiveDrawer's crash does not affect Visual Studio any more.
  + There is 50ms - 200ms delay for the separation.
  ( The delay caused core communicates with IPC. )
  + Minimum requirment for memory increased from 512MB to 1GB
Support Visual Studio 2013.
Updated UI.
Modified and fixed features.

3.25 version

Support for Visual Studio 2012.
When ActiveDrawer hangs, stop button do force stop.
Modified for Visual Studio 2012.
( If you have a problem under Visual Studio 2008, please report and use version 3.2 )

3.2 version

Moved the option from dialog to ActiveDrawer Window.
Reflected the most recent Flow engine.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

3.1 version

Fixed crashes on several cases.
Upgraded visual UI.
Updated engines.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

3.0 version

Updated flow view to version 2.
Updated visual UI.
Updated engines.
Modified the license system from time based license system to version based license system.
( Existing customers are also applied new version based license system,
If there is an over update within your license period, the old key will works or you will be get a new license key.
Any changed license policy will be advantage to customers.
Existing customers also use the product without time limit. )
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

3.0 beta

Support Visual Studio 2010.


** This beta only support Visual Studio 2010.
A formal version will be support rests of Visual Studio (6 - 2008).
Newly added functions do not show up in beta version.

2.5 version

Upgraded visual UI.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

2.43 version

Repackaged for missing files.
(The displayed version is 2.4.2.)

2.42 version

Officially support Visual Studio 2008.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

2.4 beta

Support Visual Studio 2008.


Support Unicode Document.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

2.1 version

Added Macro Relation View.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

2.0 version

Improved NSD visualization.
(Upgrade not available, uninstall 1.X version and install this version.)
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

1.98 version

Patched features for Windows Vista.
(Upgrade not available, uninstall previous version and install this version.)
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

1.94 version

Added auto selection on Flow and NSD.
Added scroll-bar on the ActiveDrawer combo-boxes.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

1.89 version

Added three utility functions to main control on bottom.
Added simple MFC examples to ActiveHelp.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

1.87 version

Added ActiveDrawer Style Editor Application.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

1.84 version

Fixed crash after saving file on NSD-view and Flow-view.
Added scroll circle on NSD-view and Flow-view.
Fixed scroll related problems on NSD-view and Flow-view.

1.81 version

Upgraed Flow and NSD mouse click event.
Fixed a scroll issue on Flow view.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

1.78 version

Upgraded the visual engine.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

1.73 version

Added ActiveDrawer Control Panel.
Added Magic Builder themes.

1.71 version

Increased stability.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

1.7 beta

Added Magic Builder.


Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

1.61 version

Increased stability.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

1.6 version

Appended Function NSD view.
Reflected changes to menu and toolbox.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

1.57 version

Appended Flow Indication.
Upgraded UI.
Increased stability.

1.55 version

Appended Function-Flow view
Reflected changes to menu and toolbox.

1.52 version

Increased stability.
Recognized "CC" extension as C++ file.
Reflected changes to menu, toolbox and help document.

1.5 beta

Visual Studio 2005 support.


Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

1.45 version

Divided Macro-view into Macro-Project-view and Macro-Active-view.
Appended window reset option in Visual C++ 5 and 6 addin.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

1.42 beta

Added Macro-view.


Enhanced Active-view global function.
Fixed Control display bug.

1.35 version

Added main-control.
Improved ActiveHelp readability.
Fixed empty display from stop state to active state.

1.32 version

Fixed incomplete statement crash bug.
Added header and cpp source code toggle function.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

1.3 version

Fixed wrong display on element selection.
Moved Macro-control from the toolbar to the window.
(There exist control in both toolbar and window in this version.)
Resized dialogs in Visual C++ 5 and 6 addin.

1.25 version

Contents title display when specified contents selected.
Appended 'set' contents in ActiveHelp.
Fixed miscellaneous bugs. (Related to scroll and resize.)

1.2 version

Added ActiveHelp in stop screen.
Added "pause on build" option.
Fixed size problem in Visual Studio 5 and 6 addin.

1.15 version

Separated contents into cpp and header.
Fixed wrong activation when file open continuously.
Increased stability.

1.1 version

Corrected wrong ActiveDrawer title when stopped or paused.
Enhanced source code indication when an object selected.
Display stop message when stopped.

1.05 version

Added start/pause/stop state save and restore.
Added ActiveDrawer window statesave and restore.
Added solution open idle time.

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