Code Visualizer Features

Macroview on Code Visualizer

Macroview enumerate macroscopic elements in source code. In macroview, you can see classes, structs, global variables, global functions and namespace's domains panoptical.
In macroview, you can see attributes and methods, enums and inner class in class. Macroview helps understand macroscopically by enumerating source code's elements.

Flowview on Code Visualizer

Flowview shows inner flows look like flowchart about a function or a method in class.
There are 3 different ratios, 1x, 4x and 16x. Through 3 ratios, you can see whole flows and detail contents.
Flowview shows admirably inner flows by having 4 flow element, start/end, processing, condition and loop. Flowview optimized for understanding complex nested conditions and loops in a function or a method. Flowview support 3D-view for more understanding.

Sequenceview on Code Visualizer

Sequenceview shows inner sequence calls about a function or a method in class.
By showing calling relations from function start to end, Sequenceview accelerates understand a different point of view from Flowview. Sequenceview consists of objects, methods and calling lines.
Each calls falls into 3 types, other object's calling line, self object's calling line and unidentified calls.

MultiSequenceview on Code Visualizer

MultiSequenceview shows inner sequence calls about a function or a method in a class. But, different from Sequenceview, MultiSequenceview shows multiple calls in a caller's call. Each calls distinguish by various line color. By tracing each call, you are able to understand more deeply. By observing each calling relation, you may understand more.

Relationview on Code Visualizer

Relationview shows inheritance relation, include relation and reference relation of a class.
In inheritance relation, red, blue and green line shows private, protected, public inheritance. And in include and reference relation, reference relations distinguish by a dot line. Relationview gives full details of attributes and methods in a class.

NSDview on Code Visualizer

NSDview shows Nassi-Shneiderman Diagrams. Nassi-Shneiderman Diagrams are well-known structure Diagrams. Nassi-Shneiderman Diagrams are named after Dr. Ben Shneiderman and Dr. Ike Nassi. Nassi-Shneiderman Diagrams are really useful for understanding pieces of codes. We recommend for you to try Nassi-Shneiderman Diagrams.

Statistics on Code Visualizer

Statistics shows project statistics. Statistics include various counts of a project. class count, namespace count, template count, statements count and ETC. Statistics also include ratios such as methods per class, attributes per class, statements per class and ETC. Just press statistics button on Project View.

FileMap on Code Visualizer

FileMap shows include relation on C++ and Header files. FileMap display include relation of total files and also display include relation of each file. Easily understand which header file included targer c++ file and which file not.

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